Lakeland, FL Robbery at Mcdonalds with beating manager with a bat 0 0

LAKELAND -- The beating of a McDonald\'s manager by a man with a baseball is now being investigated as an assault and battery rather than a robbery, Lakeland police said. Police originally said the man with the bat jumped the restaurant\'s counter and demanded food. They\'re now saying the suspect beat the manager because he was upset about poor service. According to police, the suspect entered the McDonald\'s at 715 E. Memorial Blvd. Sunday night to order food. The suspect apparently wasn\'t served for some time, and when the manager asked him if he had been waited on, he said he hadn\'t. Police say the suspect then became enraged and belligerent and told the manager the same thing had happened to him the previous day. The suspect demanded the corporate number, which the manager provided, but the suspect threw down the paper and left the restaurant. The suspect returned about 20 minutes later with a baseball bat, police say. He jumped the counter and accosted the manager, striking him twice with the bat. Before leaving, police say, the suspect said, \

Address:715 E. Memorial Blvd.
Added: May 03, 2012

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