Dania Beach,FL-Robbery at Taregan’s home 0 0

Suspect(s): Unidentified suspects (one female, two males) Description of Incident: A man looking for love had a rude awakening when his date for the night ended up being part of a violent robbing trio who left him tied up and beaten in his own home. Eilan Taregan, 55, went clubbing one hot summer night in July and may have felt lucky when he met a Hispanic female in her mid-twenties and invited her to his home for a drink. The unidentified temptress was accompanied by two Hispanic males. All three robbers drove to the victim’s apartment in the woman’s black late model Toyota Camry. Once at the Taregan’s home, the victim, believing the men to have gone, and the woman began to drink alcohol. The female then went outside to have a smoke and left the front door unlocked for her accomplices to enter. The two men barged in and punched and kicked Taregan until he fell to the ground. They then tied his hands and feet and left him in a bathroom while they stole his money, several watches, phone, jewelry and wallet.

Address:4147 Stirling Road, Apt. 502
Added: Sep 07, 2013

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