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Watertown Savings Bank on Waltham Street was robbed Tuesday morning for the second time in eight days, and police say the robbery had a similar m.o.\\ to one committed at the bank on Monday, Aug. 23. Thes robbery occurred at 9:43 a.m., when a man entered the bank and approached a teller with a knife, demanding money. Last Mondays robbery occurred around 9:30 a.m., and the robber was also wielding a knife. The m.o. (Modus Operandi) is similar to the last robbery suspect, said Capt. Manny Ferro. He backed into virtually the same spot and followed similar patterns. Surveillance video of the robbery (click the video link to the right of this article) shows the man enter the bank wearing a dark green hooded jacket, dark-colored or gray pants and white sneakers. He had the jacket hood pulled up over a red baseball hat, and white material covered his face.

Added: Sep 01, 2010

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